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The production of sponge with the active carbon impregnation system, by combining innovative technology and the power of activated carbon, sets a new standard in filtration. Activated carbon, known for its outstanding odor trapping properties, is impregnated into the sponge material during the production process. With this integration, it provides a more environmentally friendly filtration by adding a new dimension to filtration with activated carbon-impregnated sponge.

The activated carbon impregnated with the sponge acts as a magnet for odors and other contaminants, effectively trapping and neutralizing them on contact. It leaves your living spaces fresh and clean by eliminating the lingering food odor and all unwanted bad odors in the kitchen. Keep the active carbon sponge impregnation line within its own structure. BIMKO produces the sponges used in its own products.

At the same time, by establishing a new formation under the name of BIMKOFOAM, active carbon-impregnated sponges have become a supplier to manufacturers in many sectors besides their own products.

We designed best Quality Durable Healthy .

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